Imagine what you could do with a one minute warning...


Emergency tools that save precious time.

What if you had a one minute warning during a crisis… What if you could prevent that crisis all together? We believe there are ways to help achieve these goals in the ways we know best.

Our solution requires no extra training, can be implemented in one day, and is so affordable it may not even require a board approval process.

VOLO Active Shooter Response Package

Dedicated anonymous toll-free tip line #seesomethingsaysomething
Implement a toll free number that can allow students and teachers to anonymously report suspicious activity and forward that information to both faculty and law enforcement immediately.
Panic Buttons for all staff
Arm your entire staff with the ability to trigger an emergency panic scenario with the click of a button. Scenarios can simultaneously alert the police, security, other staff, and anyone else via a variety of means including SMS, voice call, and email.
Emergency check-in/status updates
Track and see exactly where your staff is on a live map and see who is "Okay" and who "Needs assistance" via the interactive check-in tool.
Threat location identification
Pinpoint threats via map based staff reporting. Track the status of threats and alerts in real-time and instantly forward critical information to those in harm's way and law enforcement simultaneously.
Desktop pop-up alerts 
Allow every staff computer in the entire building to receive immediate pop up alerts with detailed information and instructions during emergency situations.
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